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Our range of Services include the following:

Scheduled Maintenance Inspections i.e. annual inspections, 100Hr etc as per the AMP of the Department of Cyprus Civil Aviation or other country DCA's, or Aircraft Service Manual

Radio system checks like ATC transponder & encoder, VOR, ILS etc using various field test sets and license renewal,

Compass check swing and full compass swings including compensation and adjustments in the approved compass site at Paphos or Larnaca Airport,

Pitot-static leak and calibration checks,

Battery capacity checks, charging & maintenance,

Defect rectification and repairs,

Modifications and/or Installations,

Spare parts supply, etc....

MSO Avionics Services

Light Aircraft Avionics Maintenance

We offer a very competitive hourly rate with a friendly, economic and efficient approach on an at hoc or on a long contract basis.

Our computerised maintenance record system facilitates defect tracking, schedules and spares.
We guarantee a maximum 48-hour response upon request.

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